Save Money Aggressively

Can You Become Financially Independent in 7 Years?

The basic criteria of Financial Independence is to have assets that will give you returns which is more than your expense. Financial Independence do not necessarily mean getting money without working. This article is for those who passionately need to be financially independent as soon as possible. There isn’t much to tell but the effort […]

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Lucky Numbers

The Perfect Investment Diversification Ratio

There are magical numbers in life. No wonder we think twice before choosing the number ‘13’ and choose the number ‘9’ or some other lucky number. In the world of investments, there are numbers that can turn out to be quite fortunate, which means these numbers will give you better returns. The Lucky Number The […]

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3 Steps to Become Financially Independent

Financial independence is something everyone desires. The earlier we attain it the better. Most of you think that to attain financial freedom, all you need to do is just put in a more hours of work a week. That is not the case. Putting in more work alone, could not guarantee financial freedom to a […]

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Where to Retire? A City or a Village

Thinking of retirement at a young age and making preparations to retire with sound financial back up is a good thing to do. Only a person who plans his retirement from an young age could find himself ready to retire when he becomes old. However, while making your plans for retirement, have you taken into […]

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Risk Takers

What Mutual Fund Managers Won’t Tell You

They pretty much will tell you everything under the sky, but won’t tell you what you really want to hear. That is how Mutual Fund Managers are, were and will be because that is how they make money. So it is important that you know about those things that your Fund Manager will be hiding […]

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Learn How SIPs can Turn your Rs.5000 into 1 Crore

For most of you reading this, getting hands on Rs.5000 every month may not be too difficult. However, what about Rs.1crore? Quite impossible. So you may think! Now there are options, which can help you grab that magical amount, albeit in 25 years time. Investing your Rs.5000 per month in a Systematic Investment Plan regularly […]

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Black Money India

Understanding Black Money: How it Affects Indian Economy?

You must have heard a lot about the infamous ‘black money’ in recent days. But, have you really read more into it? Some of the facts regarding black money in India can make your eyes pop out! Reports that are coming out regarding black money, and its consequences, say that it is hard to estimate […]

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Commercial Property in India

Why Investing in Commercial Property is the Best Real Estate Decision

Real Estate is big business in India. The government is raking in handsome returns from this sector. The total revenue from this is $66.8 billion in 2010-11. It has turned out to be the second largest employment generator after agriculture. By 2020, the real estate sector is estimated to grow to $180 billion. Everyone seems […]

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